"In this time of ironic detachment, sarcasm, and insincerity, Revlis is a refreshing blast of innocence and naive charm from the future."
- Roy Janik, Artistic Director, Hideout Theater

"It was a nice surprise to see Revlis was on the bill. Nice work! I got the biggest kick out of your brother being hit by a truck. It was just so absurd that trucks were still an issue in the 3000's! Again, well played!"
- Mike McLendon, Executive Producer, Dinner Detective Austin

"The prettiest program insert at FronteraFest... and they were nothing compared to how shiny and delightful you were!"
- Sarah Marie Curry, FronteraFest stage manager

"Revlis is a charming sci-fi performance that transports the audience to a delicate little world more innocent than our own."
- Jill Bernard, Director of Education-Twin Cities Improv Festival

"'Twas fun - great job. You certainly had the audience hooked in."
- Michael Brockman, musical improviser

"I saw Revlis at FronteraFest and I loved it. Great job:)."
- Courtney Blackmon, audience member

"Great show! I'm spying on / listening in on the other conversations out here - lots of good comments about Revlis"
- Jake Sulpice, audience member