- What is Revlis: Improv... FROM THE FUTURE?
It is an improvised show. Here is my press blurb:

Meet Revlis. She comes to us from a distant future. Here only briefly to exchange greetings, learn something about a different time, and maybe share a moment or two. A solo improv performance from Kristin Firth.

- What does that mean?
This is a solo improv show with me playing the character "Revlis", a visitor from the future, dressed from head to toe in silver and glitter. The audience will be greeted by the voice of "Time Machine" who will explain what is about to happen and introduce me. Then I spend the show interacting with the audience as a visitor from the future. I ask for "research" information about the current year, tell stories about the future, and answer any questions they have.

- Is that really interesting for the audience?
Absolutely, but you don't have to just take my word for it. Check out this page of audience quotes to see what some folks have said about the show. Also, here's an informal review of the show I did at Hawaii's Improvaganza festival in 2011.

- What makes this show different from other improv that I've seen?
The show is unique because there's not a ton of solo improv. It's also hugely audience-interactive, but in a non-threatening way. Meeting a visitor from the future is fun!

Each show is incredibly different because it is inspired by what happens with everyone else in the room. For example, I had a show where people started explaining various jokes to Revlis including "that's what she said". Throughout the rest of the show every so often somebody would make a "that's what she said" joke and everybody would laugh. They were delighted when eventually Revlis figured it out and made an appropriate "that's what she said" joke. They were proud that they had taught something to her.

The show has a tendency to unify groups in a really interesting way that I haven't seen in other shows.

- How did you come up with the idea for this show?
Revlis came out of being enrolled in two of Jill Bernard's four-week classes at the same time. A solo performance class and her Happiness / Joy of Improv class. We spent a whole day in the Happy class doing this "amnesia"/"baby" exercise, walking into the room one at a time and everything being new, like it would be to a baby. We also just interacted with eachother and played with buttons and things. In the solo class we started working on possible show ideas and based on some of my interests she came up with the idea of a science-fiction/girl-from-the-future angle. With those powers combined I created a solo improv show centered around the character of Revlis - a girl from the future who explores her surroundings with new eyes.

- Where does Revlis perform?
I've been lucky enough to get to perform at some really great festivals including the Chicago Improv Festival, Hawaii's Improvaganza, and Austin's own Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. See my Show Page for upcoming shows and a larger list of previous ones.

- Who is the person behind this?
Kristin Firth has been an improviser for seven years, performing in NYC, Austin, and in festivals across the country. You can catch her in Austin performing every week with her duo Firth&Arjet, or in Hideout Theatre mainstage shows or Gnap! company projects. She also teaches improv classes at the Institution Theater. Kristin created her solo show, "Revlis: Improv... FROM THE FUTURE", in 2010, and is excited to bring it to festivals everywhere.

- Cool. How do I stalk you... I mean how do I find out more?
Explore the links above for more Revlis pics, videos, and her Facebook page.

For more on Kristin Firth, the actor/improviser behind Revlis, see this link.

For an "epic" article about solo improv in general and Kristin's experiences with Revlis see this Hideout blog post.